Sublimation printing is quite different to all of our other techniques.  Instead of the decoration process being directly applied on to the garment, the design is printed onto a specialized paper, and then applied to the final product or garment using a specailised heat press.   

The many benefits of this include that we can now print on to mugs, canvas’, stubby holders, clocks and polyester shirts, the possibilities are endless.  The combination of precise heat and pressure causes the ink turns into a gas, which enters the product (whether it is a mug or fabric).  Once cooled, the gas returns to a solid state, and is safe to be washed without fading or washing out.  


Whether you are after full colour printed stubby holders for your next event, a funny mug, beer stein, or kids break-proof mug, we have you covered.  With no minimum order quantities, we can print one off products, or bulk orders.  

Sublimation is ideal for promotional products as well as sports teams’ shirts.  We have a wide variety of different products on offer, right down to fully customizable chopping boards.